Thursday, July 5, 2007

Carifornia or Bust

For the 1,000th time, Yi Jianlian’s agents have repeated that they are seeking a trade for the unhappy player from China. Apparently, the agents themselves feel it’s necessary to find a trade for the Bucks (who have stated 1,000 times they want nothing to do with a trade).
"His representatives and I won't sit here and do nothing just because he was picked by Milwaukee," Zhao was quoted as saying.”
Actually Zhao, you shouldn’t sit there and do nothing…maybe you could work on a contract? It’s unknown whether this is just a hard stance attempt to get equal value for Yi, or whether Milwaukee really won’t trade him. Either way, Yi really needs to stop the crying. The insane bitching about Milwaukee only having 1,200 Asian residents is really getting old. I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. Does he not want to say Mirawkee Bucks in interviews? Does the guy plan on having 1,201 friends? Is he worried that the 2 billion people from China (who will certainly vote twice per day like they do for Matsui or Ming) won’t be enough to vote him into the All-Star Game? I wish Zhao and the gang the best of luck convincing the Bucks that they should trade Yi to one of the five cities with a Chinatown. Hey who knows, maybe Orlando would be a nice fit (they do have Disney Rand). And yes, I do date an Asian so I can make these jokes.

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Anonymous said...

Do you really think its right to make fun of chinese people like that?