Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tom Hicks the Retard?

Rangers owner Tom Hicks may have officially lost his mind. There are now reports circulating that Hicks is considering offering Alex Rodriguez a 10 year deal if he opts out of his current contract with the Yankees. Now this wouldn't be a bad move if A-Rod had no intention of opting out of his current contract. It's often forgotten that Texas is still on the hook for a huge portion of that original contract. But I don't think anyone thinks A-Rod keeps his current contract, making it pointless for Hicks to spread rumors. If he is saying he wants to sign A-Rod, there are solid chances he actually means it. Of course signing A-Rod in Texas makes all the sense in the world. He clearly pushes small market teams (and apparently large market teams) into mediocrity, if not failure, with his bloated contract. The only thing the Rangers could possibly get out of a deal like this is the hope that A-Rod breaks Barry Bonds' homerun record and they can parlay marketing off of that. Texas certainly can't think that this second mistake would lead to more wins.

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